A safe and highly effective method for reducing pain in the joints and spine, prolotherapy (proliferation therapy) involves a series of dextrose-solution injections at the site of injured ligaments or tendons. The injections kick-start the healing process and promote connective tissue repair; as a result, patients experience improved joint function and reduced pain. Even old injuries, which are vulnerable to re-injury and a recurrence of pain, can find relief in prolotherapy.


The Mayo Clinic endorsed prolotherapy in 2005, stating that this alternative therapy may be helpful when chronic ligament or tendon pain fails to respond to traditional treatments like physical therapy. While many patients look for surgery to find relief from chronic pain, prolotherapy is a much less invasive and less expensive technique that can deliver promising results.


I use prolotherapy to reduce or eliminate pain from injuries (new and old), arthritis, and pain to the low back, knee, ankle, and other joints. Injections are repeated as necessary, depending on the patient’s healing progress, every 2 to 6 weeks.