Roman Vacation, Marquis de Sade and Notes on Subconscious

If you ask a few people to describe the same place (thing, symptom etc.), each of them will describe it in accordance with his or her sensitivity. Stated simply, they will describe themselves through the image of the place. In other words, they will describe their “experience” of the place (thing or symptom). This experience is unique for each person. It is a good “entrance point” to the subconscious and I use this method when I conduct any homeopathic cases. Sensations, in a way, are derivatives of  the subconscious. I ask a patients to describe his chief complaint, for example a headache. We have a better chance to get in touch with the subconscious when describing the most “sensitive” issue which for many people is their chief complaint. However there are some people who have “easy access” to their subconscious. In this case subconscious issues are easily revealed on discussion of any topic which simplifies homeopathic prescribing.

On  my last trip to Rome I had a funny corroboration of this observation. Many writers each in their own unique way admired Piazza del Popolo when they entered it via the northern gate. Marquis de Sade described it in very peculiar way – in accordance with his subconscious  – as “very erotic” piazza.  Cupolas of two churches look like a woman’s breasts with a phallus of Egyptian column between them.

Everyone who looked at the picture after my introduction agreed with Marquis, and asked me to e-mail the picture. But these are examples of induced delusions that have no value in homeopathic prescribing.

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