“Focus of irritation” (“field of interference”) in Neural Therapy

The concept of “Focus of irritation” (“field of interference”) in Neural Therapy relates to the area of old injury, scar, or diseased organ that many years after injury still bombards vegetative nervous system with impulses. The organ may be considered cured, the scar may be painless, but the “focus of irritation” exists and keeps the nervous system busy analyzing these impulses. It distracts nervous system from monitoring functions of immune and hormonal systems. As a result the immune and endocrine system cannot adequately perform their routine day-to-day operations – eliminating viruses, bacteria, cancerous cells, keeping hormones at optimal level.  Blocking the “focus of irritation” with Novocain frequently cures medical conditions seemingly unrelated to the location and nature of injected site.

There are few signs that make me consider the site (organ or scar) to be the “focus of irritation”. Time wise “focus of irritation” of course must precede current condition that we treat; location of the scar has to be on the side of chief complaint, the injury must bear significance for patient in physical or psychological respect; and patient should make spontaneous “connection” to it. A patient’s subconsciousness has information of where the “focus of irritation” is.  It is very interesting phenomenon that my teacher Dr. Ulrike Aldag brought to my attention when she taught me Neural Therapy.
These are some examples of my Nueral Therapy cases:

76 years old woman complained to me recently of severe fatigue. “When I walk I feel like heavy weights are attached to my legs”. Patient had big scar at the skin of shin bone left after osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone) that she had 72 years ago at the age of 4. I injected the scar with Novocain, and next day she informed me that she had an increase in her energy level.

42 years old woman came to me complaining of frequent migraine headaches in the left temporal area. I cured her with an injection of Novocain to the old scar on the palm of left hand. She had this scar since childhood, when she was injured with broken glass.

Young woman had low back pain radiating to the right leg for 10 years. Pain was worse when she was sitting. When she came to my office she had to stand or walk while talking to me. I injected Novocain to the area of the thigh where she had surgery 10 years ago before low back pain started.  The pain subsided, and she was able to go back to work.

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